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Rickey enjoys writing poetry as well as painting.   Both are reflections of her soul’s search.  Hopefully these poems will speak to your soul as well.   In this world of high technology and commercialism, it is easy to forget who we are.  Yet each of us has a special purpose on Earth.  We can all contribute.  When we become still enough, we can again hear and feel the good we recognize as our original self.  This inner silence is a space within us where Love can build a home.  True art flows from Love - a tangible creation which guides us to the intangible realm of Spirit.  It comes through the heart not the head.  Life is a choice.  Let us join hands on this journey into the beauty and mystery of the heart, the sustenance of the soul, and the restoration of the balance of life.   To better the world, we begin with ourselves.  May you be the joy and peace that lives within you.  May you surrender to the unique expression of Love that you are.